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    Sent ya a message JE........ thanks. hope to hear from ya!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NebrCatMan View Post
    If I remember right it was on the west side of Grouse Mountain. There is a road that come off the high way that goes NW out of Dubois..... over the pass and then we went south. Camped by the main road where there is an outfitters corral......... a road goes South East from there over a locked bridge over the stream. We hiked SE of that point for a few miles and set up at the base ( west.. southwest) of Grouse mountain. This was 4 years ago. A group from either Texas or Michigan hunted that same area and saw 2 fairly big grizz cubs but never saw the mamma. They didn't stick around to look for her either. We did see wolf tracks after a snow. I heard them howl during the nite from our base camp wall tent. Man... them tracks were huge..... howling sent tingles down my spine. Anybody ever have a super close call up in NW Wyoming......... bears or wolves???
    hey funny you should ask, I was just talking about this today. a few years ago by cody, a buddy and I walked way back in unit 55 the last week in august and a boat load of elk, all bugling like crazy so the next week when it opened we hike back and ran into one bear on the trail but he ran off. we camped and woke up early the next morning and finished hiking to where the elk were earlier in the week and didn't hear or see anything. We started some cow calls and had a couple wolves come in to about 50 yards, when they saw us they ran off. we finished out the rest of the day and had one rag come in quiet when we we cow calling and nothing else. Later in the evening we were watching some big meadows and nothing was coming, so I made one bugle and sure enough 4 wolves came literally running towards us until they saw us. We ended up seeing one more bear with two cubs in our 2 day trip. Quite the experience and memories, no wonder the elk shut up and moved out!


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