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    Here the antelope we took

    Not huge but we didn't hold out at all really. It was just a fun family hunt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Musket Man View Post
    Go through the draw odds and find all the units you can draw with 0 points, then look at public land and access in those units and narrow it down from there. Most units you can draw with 0 points will have some access issues and/or limited public land. Do your research on access before you apply.
    MM has it right. Find a unit you can draw with 0 points then find a unit that has decent access. If there is doable access, you'll have a good hunt...especially if you're not trophy hunting. You're going to need a GPS chip to know where the public and private boundaries are located. Most 0 point areas are going to have some sort of access issues, so prepare accordingly.

    don't forget to pick up some doe tags too!

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