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    Quote Originally Posted by CaliHogHunter View Post
    “Its a fact: A lighter arrow will always leave your bow with less penetrating energy than a heavier arrow shot from the same bow”North American Hunter Magazine, June/July 2011 issue.

    Ravage Nocks add approximately 125 grains to the rear of your arrow with a standard insert.*We provide a 125 grain counterweight for the front of your arrow which maintains your current F.O.C.. The total weight added to an arrow is 250 grains. This puts the average carbon hunting arrow in the 600-700 grain range including a 100 grain broadhead. This has proven to be a very efficient weight range for maximum penetration and good trajectory. Again, not*our*opinion but fact, backed up by research.

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    I don't think that a 600-700 grain arrow would have a good trajectory. My pin gaps would be huge with that much arrow weight and my arrow would be very slow. Might as well just throw a brick at the animal. haha

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    I'll pass.

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    I think he called it the gut raker. Was an interesting design, but as others have already said, this gadget will do nothing to improve a crap shot, and a good shot should be enough with a good broadhead. We all seem to have great success with regular broad heads as it is right? ( if not then read that as a clue to take archery lessons!)

    I believe my state has some weird regulation on not having a broadhead that trails the shaft and nock....I always wondered how that would work then I saw this I know. (Yes it trails the nock once deployed as it bends backwards).
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