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    Haven't heard from ya, hows the preseason scouting coming? Hows the baby doing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardstalk View Post
    Haven't heard from ya, hows the preseason scouting coming? Hows the baby doing?
    Whats up bro! sorry for the late response....its been hell of busy over here! Well, since the trip over seas time has been hard to manage...trying to catch up on bills so I ran a couple of over the road loads to kinda get money back up. Scouting has had its ups and downs....I went scouting last weekend on the 13th and 14th and scouted the weekend of June 29th. Both, trips came up empty with seeing anything. I was by myself both times so I figure its lack of experience...I saw signs but no actual muleys...but I know its a waiting game. I had an associate that said he knew the area but I haven't been able to contact instead of waiting I went on my own lol. I learned a lot tho just those two trips. Its funny....watching video of hunting IS NOTHING like how it really is. I thought I'd recognize things cause I seen it in all the video I've watched...phss lol at self for being naïve lol!

    The baby is growing soooo fast man! He's huge....and he's eating everything lol from breast to real food lol!

    How's going on your end?
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