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    Here is the link. If you call or email them I bet they would still sell you one even though its not the deal of the day.

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    I have the bogpod version and it works pretty well for a quick look at a critter with plenty of time. I have both the shorter and full length models with both spotter heads. I use them around home in the pop-up blinds for bucks, but don't take them on long hikes anymore. I find that it is to slow and noisy to set up in a hurry for shots. I don't like that the legs can be pulled out to far and become impossible to put back in. I had to send the taller one in to the factory and have a leg replaced because of that. I want to be able to extend my tripod legs while keeping my eye on whatever game I am wanting to glass or shoot, not have to look at my tripod to line everything up giving the critter a chance to move off. Also the Bogpod heads don't pan real smooth and can't be locked to prevent side to side movement. That is a big drawback to me on long glassing sessions.

    I have the Promaster T525P tripod and 6160 head that I carry now for glassing that I really like. For shooting I use the Stoney point rapid pivot bipods and am a big fan. The sitting/kneeling model goes high enough that I can shoot with my rifle 40" from the ground. This lets me get over sage or other vegetation when needed. The prone model can also be carried and snapped onto the gun quick, but I just use my pack for prone shots. When I want to go light I carry the shock cord model, it is just a little over 5oz (with the 3rd leg removed) while the other version I use is about 11oz. To me the little extra weight of the bipod is offset by the speed it can be deployed. I like that I can snap it onto the gun during a stalk and set it for a shot really quick if needed, less to try to carry and manage at the key moment.
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