We had some entertainment this morning.

The tom turkeys(Male) have been strutting and rutting for a couple of weeks. You can here them gobbling and making all kinds of ruckus. It has been funny watching the jakes(young males) getting all worked up with no way to release the aggression but fight.

So this morning the hens are paying attention to the toms. One hen lays down next to the tom and he mounts her. While they are doing the dirty turkey, another hen lays down next to the other tom and they start going at it. The funny thing is they are both facing each other about 25 yards apart. As soon as the first tom was done, he belined over to the other tom and knocks him off of the hen he is doing. The first tom than pushes the other tom out of the way, and goes back to the second hen and proceeds to mount her.

Basically in 3 minute span, the tom gets laid,picks a fight and than wins the fight and gets laid again by the second hen.

What a fricken stud.