I thought it would be good to get another thread going with what everyone is doing, what is working great, what you are struggling with, etc.

I just did 71 min 18 sec, 48.8 lb pack, double stairs, 1100 vertical ft ascent descent, 8.5 story stairwell. I need to cut 11 min off that, but I still have a month before chasing mountain turkeys. I live in a flat swamp, so hill/stair training is difficult to find.

The biggest thing for my leg strength has been a tip one of the members here gave out last year. Walking lunges really get your legs in the better shape than any other exercise. I've been doing 3 sets of 40 after my 3 mile runs a couple times a week for a month now and man, my legs are stronger than they have ever been, don't seem to have any quit in them. Still need to crush my cardio though, that's just more interval training, getting better, but my lungs are definitely my weakest link.

How's your spring fitness going?