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    amen, im surprised there hasn't been some bill or whatever passed concerning that. even if its horse or walk access only through private to public land. id settle for that.

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    I'm all about some landowner rights, private means private. I don't let people come through my house to get to the public park behind it...I also didn't spend a ton of money on roads and bridges to let folks tear them up and leave trash along. Then there's the liability & lawsuit potential. Now if the gov wanted to lease an easement to build and maintain their own rd then that should be the option taken if they truly want people to access it.

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    I have lived the agony of one of these giant lumber companies locking up 20000 acres of forest by my house when i was in high school. The next owners keep it locked up, but allow walk or bike in access but no camping. There are always the bad apples that want to break in and go mess around. Hunters never really fall into that catagory, so I really hate it when we get put in the same bucket as those people. That area is now considered one of the best hunting areas in Oregon for elk and blacktails.

    If somebpody finds a game camera on private land, put your own camera on theirs and then give your SD card to the game warden. We had a bunch of renters near my house poaching deer for about a year. One of my neighbors is a retired state trooper. He set up cams and they are "DONE".

    I got my first cam this last year. I have it on my own property now. My brother in law who is a hunter says he moves any of them he finds. I don't like the guy anyway, but I never thought a fellow hunter would mess with a guys hard scouting work.

    My folks had a small place in eastern OR (800 ac) for about 10 years. Having isolated access to private land has its advantages like working with young kids in a more controlled environment until they get some experience under their belt. There are certain things like hunting etiquette, ethics and safety that are nice to work out without worrying about other hunters and the issues that may arise.

    I don't know if it makes sense and I may be off track on this, but I think big pieces of private land managed by good people tend to give animals a little safe haven and may help to keep the herd counts up. The ethical hunters are the ones that get permission to hunt those properties sometimes year after year because they respect the land owners.


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