I have had a GPS for quite a few years now and am in the middle of upgrading. I currently have one of the first Garmin E-Trex made. Basically it has no maps just a screen that shows where you are and where other way points are. I just placed and order for a Garmin Oregon 450T. All the reviews I read talk about poor battery life, hard to use with gloves, and hard to see in bright sunlight. My question is how everyone uses there GPS? The way I use my current GPS is I mark where I'm starting, then I turn it off. Every now and then I turn it on to see elevation and where I am located in reference to where I started. I have to change batteries once per year this way, on the reviews people talk about using one set of batteries a day. Another complaint is "Hard to use with gloves", this only makes sense to me. My Iphone will not work with gloves. I just wanted to see how people on this site use their GPS, do you guys leave it on all day, are you constantly checking things?
Thanks for the input!