Hey everyone,

I'm new to this forum and hate to start out with a thread asking for help but I'm gonna swallow my pride and ask anyway! I'm part of a group of utah boys that are pretty die hard coyote hunters. Recently I've gotten the bug to go after some wolves and the more I've read up on them the more I realize most of you would like them gone as much or more than I do . So my question is, where would the best place be to hunt in Idaho? I have no interest in hunting elk so please don't mistake this as a ploy to get at your honey holes! If you have an abundance of wolves in your stomping grounds and would like to see a handful of them go missing then feel free to share. I took a trip up there last weekend and didn't realize it was the last weekend of your elk hunt. It was like trying to hunt in walmart, people everywhere!! So needless to say the trip was a bust but I'll be heading back up in about 2 weeks and would like to have a prettty good game plan this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance,