We live in the Dubois area- my boyfriend was able to get his general bull tag filled down here, but i was not as lucky. we found out about area 66's extended any elk general season, and are intrigued and considering going there for a weekend in december to see if we can fill my bull tag.

problem is, we don't know the area very well, and its a big area. looks like agood amount of public land from what i can tell, and our gps does have the feature for showing land ownership.

i'm trying to find out more information about that elk area. in early to mid december, where can we find elk? what kind of terrain? is it desert/prairie or are there mountains? should we base out of thermop, worland, greybull, basin? what is a good area/roads to start on? i'm hoping to get up there and do some scouting but my work schedule may not allow it.

any insight or experience or knowledge people have with this elk area would be very helpful!