CA definatly needs to do something about this. We have had 6 sightings in fresno alone this year. Plus had 2 cats at Reedly College about 2 years ago. My buddy was hunting D7 for the opener up in the wishon area and made a stalk on a buck and a couple spikes they winded him and busted he happend to turn around and he had the exact thing happen to him. Of course I was giving him hell for just standing there but he said he just froze as the cat was just feet away. The cat ended up taking off and I am not sure if the cat was comming after him or they were both stalking the same group of deer but either way. More and more cats are being seen and CA is running into the same problem with cats as Yellow Stone is with the Grizzleys. Atleast Wyoming is trying to do something about it tho. I am half tempted to move out of this miserable tree hugging flower picking state. Sorry had to vent a little