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    +1 on Dwight Schuh

    To the emergency supplies add a small mirror, water purifying tablets, space blanket, tweezers, compass, whistle, moleskin, chapstick, and a good waterproof map. Together those weigh very little.

    For fire starter, try some cottom balls soaked in vaseline. Carry them in a small bottle like a prescription bottle.

    If you wear glasses, take a spare pair inside a light, hard case. Break a temple, lose a screw or break a lens and you'll be glad you did.

    Merino wool is best for your first couple of layers because among other great qualities, it still insulates when wet.

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    +1 on a good emergency kit with first aid supplies as well as fire starter stuff and a space blanket. One thing that used to kill me and cut my trips short was I would get lonely after about 4 days, especially at night. I started carrying a small and light am/fm radio that also picks up NOAA weather stations. I use it around camp and it has helped with the quietness that becomes overwhelming sometimes after a long hunt. It may be a little bit of unnecessary weight but it is in ounces and I like to stay out longer now.
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    After the obvious answers, survival and emergency suppllies, take plenty of food and have a good source for water, eat enough that you have the energy you will need to keep going, a good water filter is a must and the mountain house dehydrated meals are pretty good along with some balanced high calorie/high protien energy bars for filler. Nothing can ruin a hunt faster than dehydration, or lack of energy due to a poor diet.


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