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    Good news, Jimmy. The Replax XD1080 came in today and I had a chance to check out a few of the features. First of all, the device makes no tone when you start it up. Rather, it vibrates like a cell phone silent ringer to let you know it's running. It uses different vibration sequences to indicate certain sub-functions, but it's completely silent when you enter/exit recording and power on/off. I'm going to head to the trap range in a little bit and try to get some video if I can find a way to mount it on short notice.

    EDIT: Another cool feature I just discovered while tinkering with the Replay. You CANNOT accidentally power off the device while recording. You MUST stop recording in order to be able to power it down. Pretty cool!

    And now, here's the test video. I waited too long into the day to shoot this and the sun was setting in front of me. Regardless, the camera's electronic aperture control did damned well given those conditions. [b]To see the FULL resolution, you have to use the YouTube button on the attached video and watch it there. When you get there, be sure to use the little gear icon below the video and select 1080p as the desired resolution (uses a lot of bandwidth - dialup users beware) and expand the viudeo to full-screen used the segmented frame box icon to the right of the gear icon.

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