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    9 days Vaca - only OTC

    So...since most of the draws I put in for are over except some horribly long shot governor tag raffles, I am trying to plan out my fall. I have 9 days of vacation so I can do a full week or two somewhere. Also have to be an OTC since the draws are passed.

    I could drive up to Alaska and try and arrow a carribou off the pipeline road...

    I could archery hunt deer and antelope in South Dakota....

    I could fight off a bunch of other elk hunters and maybe see a raghorn on an OTC unit in colorado....

    We did draw elk tags in NM, can't have 2 in one year or I'd consider another hunt there...

    But if it was you and you had a week or two, a tight budget and no plans, what would you do?
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    ]The drive to Alaska and back would take you 9 days.



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