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Kevin, yes the Thomas place is a great place. There are only a few ranches around now that are not locked up by the outfitters. The numbers have gone down probably since you have been there. My folks place got hit hard with blue tongue 7 or 8 years ago then have had nasty winters since then. Crazy how small of a world it is.
The Thomas place got hit with the blue tongue when we were there. I almost walked on top of this little guy before he staggered up and I took the picture. It's sad when they get that blue tongue. One of my friends talked to Thane's mom several months back. She said the winter took a toll last winter on the antelope and dropped the numbers down like you mention. The banner years are awesome. Hopefully they rebound ok.

It is crazy at times how small the world is. Seems like it's big with all the bizillions of people but now and then you find how small it can be.