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    Elk hunt area 80 or 81

    Ok I’m heading into area southern Colorado which I’ve never set foot in.
    And won’t get a chance to scout out.
    Is there any google maps or anything out ther that will show me water or wet creeks?
    I’m hunting out of a ranch but they tell me there isn’t any elk there. Just using it as my base camp and meals.
    Sure would or could use some help. Not asking for a bull tied up but at nearly 70 years young that could help.
    Maybe Eastman could let me hunt on their land?
    Haha I could share stories of my 21 years of pursuit of this Willy critter.
    To me it’s all about the quality and perseverance and respect of the hunt that sets memories, sure the taste of success is can also be measured in the being to to present good table fair to your company and telling the story how you were able to share your bounty.
    So as I mentioned could someone point me into a area.
    Message me
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    I’ll throw out the same ol song n dance. Contact the biologist for the area.

    The ranch your staying at won’t give you any info on where to go?
    I go to the Mountains to loose my mind and find my soul.



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