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Thanks everyone for a lot of belly laughs reading this thread. I finally drew a Wyoming sheep tag after 20 years of applying, my son, who Iv'e been applying for 17 years thinks he is close. I told him it's a good thing your young because you're going to applying for a long time yet! My youngest son has 6 less points than me, I apply for a chance at a random draw, he'll never draw in his lifetime, just reality. But you sure aren't ever going to draw sitting on the sidelines. Besides, Fish and Game need the NR money.
I apply for most western States, but WY Sheep I won't do! the odds are so bad. But if he has 17...and is young, he should one day...

the random tags could happen... gotta get lucky.

Hopefully sheep numbers and management continue to grow... but who knows.

that too, in many states, max points vs. 1 or 2 less than max can take a long time to run through those max points holders!

good luck!