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    Quote Originally Posted by CrimsonArrow View Post
    I use 50/50 wild game and pork butt. There’s more meat than fat on the pork butt, so it gets the flavor without getting greasy. Don’t skimp on the fat though, you’ll regret it later. The first time I made sausage, I did 1/3 pork and 2/3 venison, and it was too dry
    The one time I tried to make breakfast sausage using ground venison that only had about 15% fat content, it was terrible. While it tasted like sausage the texture was dry and crumbly. Obviously there is a reason sausage has a fairly high fat content.
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    I made some out of mule deer. Never made them out of elk.

    I can honestly say that I didn't like them. They turned out waaaaay to dry. I didn't feel like I overcooked them at all.

    IF and that a big IF I was ever to make them again I would add a LOT of fat to the mix for sure. 50/50 probably.


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