Hey guys..looking to do a deer hunt in Wyoming 2019 with my two teenage sons. I?ve done quite a bit of research and called biologists in 3 of the 4 Regions. Here?s some ideas I have and you guys can comment or Pm me: Hunt region Y south big horn area in units 30,33,163..(I would pair this hunt with an antelope buck or doe tag) I?ve heard there?s good numbers of deer but tons of pressure. 2. Region R decent deer numbers, more public land which perhaps means it?s easier to get away from other hunters, 3. Region D Unit 79 which is Limited Entry unit, I?ve heard the deer numbers are ok but my concern would Be hunting pressure from cow elk hunters, etc. 4. Region C Supposed to be tons of deer but not much public land. We aren?t trophy hunters just want to have a quality experience and fill 3 buck tags in a week. I keep thinking the Limited Entry unit 79 is the best bet but then I think general region hunts in Y or R could be about the same Hunt. Has anyone hunted these areas or have any experience?