I live in a elk and deer wintering area and the snow hasn't been that bad. You can always find areas where the elk winter and there is quite a bit of snow. One area is around 30 miles to the east of me just off of I-70 and HWY 24. The elk winter on a hillside and the snow is usually up to their belles but they do just fine.

Now areas like the Gunnison basin where everything filters down into a hole and the snow just keeps coming, well then that is going to be a problem. Also the areas that are getting the most snow and all the avalanches all the deer and elk migrated out of those areas last November or early December.

Just the other day I was watching some deer starting back up the hill as the snow has melted some, but a new storm put another 6 inches down on the ground but they still have plenty of feed around it.