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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnbud View Post
    I have been working out without ear buds for about a year now, but I just bought a new set of ear buds and was planning to use them this week. You are on, Conibear. I'm gonna leave those ear buds at home.
    Johnbud if you complete the challenge I will email you GPS coordinates of a 370" Roosevelt Bull elk! Good luck son!

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    Who works-out with earbuds? lol.

    I know people do it, and to each their own...

    I actually recently saw a video on this.... this running coach, believed no music, focus, can do something with certain brain waves that can help produce the runners high....or kind of get you to run an hour...and its over and you felt like you just started...

    Personally I think modern culture... music everywhere all the time... may take something away from focusing on the workout...

    are you listening to music while you pump iron? or are you focusing on exactly what that muscle/lift should be doing ....I think arnold talked about this back in the day.... "being in the muscle" ie. focusing on exactly what muscle is being worked out atm vs. checking the cell phone.... listening to music etc...

    so for me, the no ear bud challenge... lol, done, winner! ha.

    honestly the only time I've had music working out has been when it's on in the gym already... college track, rock climbing etc...


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