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    The Silver Creek fire (Kremmling) started small and they thought they had it contained at <5,000 acres. But it jumped containment and grew to 12,000 one hot weekend. They ended up with a heck of a tent city there - must have been hundreds of firefighter tents on a chunk of BLM land north of Kremmling. There were a TON of firefighters on foot, in vehicles, and even a few helicopters.

    Anyway, I talked to one of them about almost exactly this (more their effect than the fire's, but just shooting the breeze either way...) and he said they don't see many animals around. There's so much going on when they're running fire lines - bulldozers, guys tramping through the woods, etc. The animals are all pretty much run off by the time they get there. Those fires can spread fast but they aren't explosions. An elk that can travel 30miles in a day can get away from a fire unless it's the unluckiest SOB ever...

    Heck of a dinner for the firefighter that rolls along tho!

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