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Thread: Gun Safe moving

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    Quote Originally Posted by mallardsx2 View Post
    For crossing lawns

    Use 2 pieces of plywood.
    Use 2 Dollys.(Cover them with sweatshirts to keep from scratching the safe.)

    4 Guys on the dollys
    2 guys moving plywood ahead.

    Worked for me.

    Now, I would use my pallet forks on my tractor. Dont know anyone local with a set of those on a front end loader do you?
    Yup, what he said ^^^

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    I agree with the plywood idea. I used to move people for a living and have moved plenty of safes. Make sure your dolly tires are aired up correctly, or you could even use "no flat" tires. The bigger the tires the better for going over any bumps. The smaller the tires (like on a refrigerator dolly) make it difficult to go over any bumps such as rock pebbles or overlapped plywood. You could also use a 4 wheel cart. Lay the safe with the back on the cart and push down on the rear end and pick up on the front when jumping the plywood bumps with the front cart wheels and do the opposite for the rear cart wheels.

    Another trick that is useful for going around corners is to lay a very heavy duty blanket on the ground (preferably a moving blanket) and set the safe on the blanket offset to one side and standing upright. Then have someone pushing at the bottom of the safe while someone is pulling on the blanket (offsetting the safe on the blanket leaves a bunch of extra blanket on one side so the person pulling should be able to remain standing and have ample pulling power to help turn at the corners). It works wonders for cornering dressers and such.

    I have also heard that taking the door off reduces the weight by up to 40%. I have never done this myself as I could always handle the safes with my labor as is.

    Make sure you travel across a level part of the yard. Any side hills will make it tip off.

    Lastly, grunting and cussing seems to help in a pinch.
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    Place the beer at the final location in a locked cooler with the key inside of the safe.

    Tell your help that the safe won't be opened until it gets to its final location.

    This gives your help a little bit of incentive.
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    Some great ideas posted here I wouldn't have thought of. My initial thought was set it on skids and drag with an ATV, but you'd still have the issue of getting it through the french doors.

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    my buddy once bought a used one . don't know how many guns it held , but was one of the bigger ones I've seen.
    went to the house to get it and I couldn't even budge it.

    so I asked , "is it bolted to the floor ?"

    owner said," no ." so three of us got on it and still could not budge it .

    owner still said it was not bolted down , so I said open it and let's look.

    sure as shit it's bolted down. we took bolts out and I could walk it across floor alone, with effort but we used a handtruck , when we got to the threshold on front door we put down a couple two by fours and a small piece of keep weight of the threshold and three of us managed to get it out the door and loaded on the trailer with little effort.

    it now lives in my buddies garage . we did not attempt to carry it in the house.

    JIMPs idea with the beer is a great one!

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    The doors come off and they can weigh 1/3 to 40 percent of the entire safe. You have to open them up wide and we stuck a dolly under the door and Pryed and popped it up to get it off. Kind of interesting to get back on as they fall down onto the hinge when aligned perfectly! (watch Fingers). As others have said the pvc works very well, look at the pyramids. 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 treads or plywood and lay the safe body on its back on at least 3 pieces of 3/4 to 1 inch pvc. Preferably schedule 40 or stronger. Always have at least 2 pieces under it at all times. Then have someone else move the treads and the pvc pieces and 1 guy could roll it by himself. If you have a 3rd guy maybe he could help steer. We moved above ground hot tubs this way. I also helped a guy move a 10 x 12 Tuffshed this way. Don't be in a hurry and don't run over the guy moving the treads or PVC. Good luck and God Bless
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