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    I have never hunted those large numbers of lessers. Thats a lot of eyes to look at you.

    I gurgle into the call and growl ONLY at them when Canada are committing. The last 75 yards I have my hands on my gun and I'm waiting for the perfect time to call the shot. I only give them the volume when I am trying to get their attention or get the flock to turn.

    Lots of competition callers out there that love to blow their calls. It doesn't work for pressured birds in the real world 95% of the time.

    Most of the time when I hunted Canadas it was groups of 25 or less birds committing.

    Let them land and line up heads....I'll get burned at the stake for mentioning

    I always had one general golden rule....let land what will land.... what wont land let them circle and when they try to land on the second pass kill them.

    *If the bird (1 or 10) birds that have landed try to get up, kill them with extreme prejudice and try to line up your shots at multiple birds to do the most damage possible to the flock...*

    There is an extreme order on how and when to call the shots when goose hunting. It took me a long time to read the birds.

    Calling the shot at the correct time is just as important as the camouflage in my opinion and should be added into 1B in my list above lol.

    Great to see you guys whacking them! Clearly you are doing something right!

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    Agree 100% with what your saying above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mallardsx2 View Post
    Its been my experience hunting Canada's over the years that three things are major.

    Concealment- Most important
    Natural Movement-Second Most important
    Clean Decoys- Third most important

    Dont overthink the calling. Listen to geese that are feeding and tell me how much noise they really make...

    I have probably killed more geese over sleeper shells using layout blinds with snow covers with my calls in my bag by not calling than I have any other way. Its very effective. Or at least it used to be for me.
    Couldn't agree more! There are times though when you've got to get their attention, especially if you're not on the X and trying to pull them to you. Otherwise, less is definitely more.


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