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    Goal Zero Review

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    I have the smaller (older) version of this, the Goal Zero 30. It has a smaller battery pack / inverter and a 30W solar panel. I will say (not paid to do this) their products are really solid. I've had mine for 2 years now and it's been through probably 30-40 recharge cycles. Batteries are supposed to be good for way more than that, but I've found in a lot of these portable units that it's a lie. This one's still going strong.

    I don't know about the big unit above, but two negatives in mine to watch for:

    1. A SUPER bright blue LED that you can't disable.
    2. No way to turn on automatically when there's a draw, or a remote switch. It'd be really nice to mount this in a tongue box but turning it on would be a pain then. I'm pretty sure the "solar generator" big-box version has the same issue.

    Stay away from the little folding "backpacker" style solar panel they sell, or used to. It's an elegant idea but barely puts out enough power to charge a single cell phone in a day. Unless you hunt in early August you just aren't getting the "ideal" sunlight levels all these makers base their power estimates on.

    Back on the plus side, you can definitely daisy chain multiple panels with these. They have a really standard set of cord plugs that are color coded. Blue goes into blue and so on. One nice trick is to charge from a panel but also get their cigarette lighter adapter. Fire up your truck for half an hour each evening while you're cooking dinner and that more than makes up for what the sun couldn't do. Honestly, as elegant as solar seems, this method charges so fast I usually do just this and don't bother with the panels unless the weather is great. One less thing to steal, too...

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