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    I'm pretty lucky....I've hunted waterfowl for over 60 years. I've learned a lot and lots of it applies to ducks & geese anywhere they are.

    If you live in an area that has a reasonable population of geese, get out and watch them. Where they go, where they feed, what times do they fly, etc. They are creatures of habit and unless conditions change, they will stay in the same pattern. Find out who owns the fields where they are feeding. Ask for permission to hunt. Don't be shy, lots of times farmers consider geese pests and want them out of their fields. I have several large hay/alfalfa fields (500 acres or so) that the farmers beg me to come and shoot these "pests".

    It doesn't take a lot of decoys for Canadas. I use 30 or so. I have 4 "747 style", 4 magnum Big Foot and 1 1/2 doz normal sized shells. Canadas stay in family groups of 4 to 10 birds even tho they fly in larger flocks. When they land the separate into small family groups and really don't mix together much. ( I have a 2 acre pond and have 3 to 5 family groups nest here every year, so I watch their habits a lot). Down in the 4 corners area, our Canadas are non migratory and are here year round. We do get some additional migratory birds, but not too many.

    I use mostly "T" size steel shot as they are big birds with lots of feathers for smaller shot to bounce off and not penetrate.

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    Slugs PM me. Utilize all your time off and go hit the central flyway with your own dekes. I?ll help you get started, it?ll be way cheaper than staying in CO. I stopped years ago, way too expensive for mediocre hunts


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