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    Gloves for cold hands

    Seen on another site someone was looking for gloves and figured I would share what I use.

    I have used these for a long time. VERY good gloves.

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    Those look like darn nice gloves at a good price.

    I have experimented with several. I test a lot of them running the UTV or riding the horse in the winter on the ranch so I get lots of cold and wind. I like a light liner glove to wear under a heavier one. Then if I peel the heavy one for an expected shot or any other reason the wind doesn't chill my hand to quick. The Sitka Core liner glove is currently a favorite inner glove. I can feel the trigger so I shoot as well with it as I do with no glove. The Aleyeskan rag wool gloves are a decent outer until it gets real cold, then I love my Kuiu Down Glassing mittens. That is the only glove my hands have never got cold in yet. With the liner glove even if my hands get to warm and sweat a bit I can peel them easily in a hurry. Both those are best in a reasonably dry climate. I bought Sitka Downpour GTX gloves for Alaska this fall but haven't yet had conditions to test them.

    One test I have done with the ones other than the new Sitka is to put my hands in a stock tank after chopping ice, then run the UTV and see how warm my hands stay, and how long it takes them to dry. Having the Sitka Core liner gloves really helps keep my hands warm after that. Some good merino gloves just dry slow enough I prefer the Sitka Core. The Kuiu treated down gloves did better than I expected and the looser knit of the rag wool gloves dried pretty well in the wind also. The Sitka Core liners are surprisingly durable too, far better than the merino liners I tried. I don't see them in the current line up, must be replaced by the Accent I guess. I'm glad I got several pairs set back when I found them on sale.



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