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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodiak View Post
    What type of workouts have you settled on? I have a sheep tag this year and need t bump up my intensity. Would love to hear you strategy
    I've been working on my diet and light jogging with hotel stairs. I travel a lot for work, so when I'm on the road it is the hotel stairs or their minimal work out facilities. On off days, I've been working on core training I can do in a hotel room without disturbing the occupants below me. So, leg lifts, crunches, etc. So far ... down 16 lbs ... I'd like to knock off 6 more and that'll put me at 165 lbs.

    I made a 20.1 mile round-trip hike yesterday into a location where a few sheep have been killed in the past. Found 3 rams on top of the peak I wanted to look at. He was probably 3/4 curl. Not bad, but I'll keep looking.
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