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    Find a fun activity/sport!

    don't want this to sound like a lecture, at all, just some personal experience.

    use to train for sports back in hs/college, so hitting the gym etc... with a purpose was just cost of admission,

    after college, going to the gym to lift or run was too boring got old and eventually became a couch potato.

    I strongly recommend finding a sport/activity/club that will allow you to play for your exercise, getting a workout while having fun and playing is the best thing ever, IMO, think about when you were a kid...

    the "meetup app" is great too, tons of local options to be active/fit and meet like minded people.

    personally I got into rock climbing and ice hockey, I missed that team camaraderie from hs/college sports etc...

    I think it's far easier to stick with "playing" for exercise than forcing yourself to workout for only the sake of working out.

    good luck to all out there! and remember, if you don't have your health, what do you have!?
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    Can't agree more with you on all this.
    I go to the Mountains to loose my mind and find my soul.

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