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    Mule deer region f Wyoming and units 15/471 Colorado advice

    Hey everybody,

    This fall I plan on embarking on my first western hunt with my good buddy. We are from the Midwest (Michigan) and have been trying to plan a hunt for the past year. Last year didn't pan out, but this year the hopes are high.

    We both have been doing extensive research using onX maps, GoHunt, and reading through many forms. Our search has been narrowed down to region f in Wyoming, unit 14 and 471 in Colorado. These units were chosen based off of draw odds, harvest statistics, tag prices and terrain. We are not trophy hunting, just looking to see some deer and hopefully with some hard work fill a tag or two.

    Region F Wyoming-

    This unit has pretty decent draw odds for the general tag (73%) but a large portion is wilderness areas. We would plan hunting here the last week of October. The main concern for this region is all the wilderness areas. Does the non-wilderness areas hold many deer or are they hanging out in the wilderness areas until the snow starts flying?

    Unit 471 Colorado-

    One of the only units with 100% draws odds for the early rifle season. A high Country hunt mule deer hunt would be awesome. The down side is the unit is very small. Looking at Google Earth there is only roughly 4 or 5 high Country basins. Harvest stats is pretty darn good however.

    Unit 15 Colorado-

    Looking at this unit for the third gun season also for mule deer. It is a large unit. So hopefully we can get away from the crowds. It has held a pretty high harvest stats over the past few years according to GoHunt. Also looks like there is a chance for the rut to get going.

    Any information would greatly be appreciated. We do not want anyone's hot spots or anything like that. Just want to know if the drive would be worth it or not.

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    Region F areas get shot to pieces by the residents. You need horses to do any good in these parts.



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