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Thread: Wyoming Unit 40

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    Wyoming Unit 40

    Based off of Wyoming's draw odds it looks like I have enough points to draw a Type 9 unit 40 tag. As far as I can tell from my research it holds a decent amount of elk but everything I read is rugged, rugged, rugged. I don't mind putting some miles on the boots but it is a different story trying to pack a bull out alone in some of those hell hole canyons I'm seeing on GoogleEarth. Anybody been there or had this tag before? Thanks

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    I'd say that about sums it up. I've been there and the last bull I took was 7.5 miles from the trailhead by the GPS. I hired a guy with horses to go back in with me to get him. My buddy's bull was shot across a box canyon horses couldn't reach. It was only 2 miles from the horse trail by GPS but we ended up going far further up the canyon crossing side canyons to get to a crossing point where we could start taking him back toward the trail. Its not easy country especially to pack out of solo. The guy I hired with the horses switched jobs and isn't packing for people last I knew.



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