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    Dang, I just realized that half of the people on this forum are smarter than the other half...and I don't know which half I'm in.

    Last fall, I bought my 12-year old son a Benelli Nova compact in 20-gauge and he loves it. He made a very nice shot on a sharptail grouse his very first time out hunting. Sorry about your experience with the salespeople, but I hope you enjoy your Nova too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJW View Post
    good luck with your new gun, many happy days I hope.

    even mom and pop owned places get nincompoops, cant be helped i guess, statistically half the people out there are below average in intelligence, bell curve and all that.

    ive had the best luck at Sheels, they are the most professional with me.
    I'll give another vote for Scheels. They tend to employ some pretty sharp people who usually are very well versed on the products they sell. Hope they don't out grow that like Cabela's and Bass Pro have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mallardsx2 View Post
    I drank the coo-laid years ago and sold a couple of my guns to get an SBE II with "Comfort Tech" it was the rage among waterfowlers.
    Right out of the box brand new SBE II from Cabelas
    -The butt pad kept falling off the gun. I finally got pissed off and super glues it onto the stock.
    -The gun literally rusted in the case before I could get home to clean it. (Never seen a gun rust that fast
    -It kicked like a mule
    - The bolt popped half open and I spent half of my time while hunting making sure it had rotated the whole way into battery
    Cabelas wouldnt do anything about any of this and kept reverting me back to the Benelli Company.
    I put up with this crap for a season then traded it for a Browning Gold Hunter.

    I own Browning Gold Hunters - Silver Hunters- SuperX2s'

    Having said all that, I have two friends that have the Nova and they love it.
    I bought an M2 2 seasons ago, have no use for a 3.5" gun.. The finish on these Benelli's is absolute trash. My gun would just look at water and start to rust. The first time I hunted with it, I put it back in its gun case, drove the 1 hour home, took it out of the case to wipe it down, and it had already really started rusting and pitting hard. I ended up getting it Cerakoted, cause I was afraid that after another season, I was gonna be left with a gun that had rusted to nothing.

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    You need to baby that gun, or it will rust away.. But, they do shoot nice.
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    I’ll have to give thumbs up to Scheels here in Colorado. I have found that their employees have been extra sharp about products carried. I have found myself there more often that the other two big named outdoor stores. Best to the new Benelli shotgun!

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    I've experienced similar situations at my local stores as well.


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