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    I would do as most others here. I would go talk to them and see their plans. You never know if they are hunting the exact spot you want to, they just might be camped there and hiking to a different spot. I will give you an example of what i ran into last year, granted it wasn't a pack in camp, but a public area but foot traffic only.

    I drove to this public land spot i've hunted in years past, it gets hit hard in the general season and the late November season also for whitetails. I know alot of people have hunted it more than me, i just use it as a backup or a closer to home day hunt thing. I get there about an hour before daylight and another truck is pulling in the parking area behind me. I'm thinking dang, i have to hurry and put my pack on and go before he takes off and maybe gets to my spot before i do. Well after getting ready, i thought heck its just me and him and i dont want to ruin his hunt or mine, because i hate it when that happens. So i walk over to his truck and start talking and he is a younger guy like myself, nice and he grew up real close thier as a kid but moved away and he comes down every year for 4-5 days to hunt is all. I know he has hunted there way longer than i ever have. I asked him his plans and where he was gonna go, he was reluctant to tell me, and asked where i was going. I told him i was going about a 1 mile to the West. He had a sigh of relief and said he was going North aways as he seen a few the day before there. We both actually walked and talked as we went down the trail until i had to split off and go West. We both were happy to be hunting different areas and he even offered me to use his gamecart if i got one down. At first light i heard a shot come from his direction and assumed he got one that morning as there were game cart tracks on the trail out that night and his truck was gone when i got back after dark. So it worked out good to talk and see other hunters plans first. We weren't hunting within a mile of each other.

    Oh by the way, I ended up shooting the biggest whitetail buck of my hunting career that evening after spotting him and another non-typical buck go into some bedding areas for the day. I waited over 8 hours for them to come back out that evening. I set up on the same trail they used to get over there. Both walked by at 150 yards. 1 shot with the 25-06 and i had a gross 176 2/8ths 7x8 whitetail down. Not bad for a Wyoming whitetail. Glad the other hunter went North and not West with me!

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    Doesn't really matter if you've been going to the same spot for 50 years or the first time, if someone else is there it's only fair move on.

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    I would go talk to the guy and if he was 60+ years old and 75 pounds overweight I would hunt. lol JK

    If the guy was my age and in good physical condition and I felt like he may even remotely be a threat I would leave and go somewhere else.

    Elk are not easy to find all the time. Leaving them can be a hard decision that may or not break your hunt...obviously.

    Having said all of that If I found out the guy was going to be hunting the same exact place as me I would move on out of respect but if the number of animals warranted the additional hunting pressure I would hunt as long as I wasn't bumping into him.
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