I just spent another week in NW Colorado hunting on private and BLM land and I witnessed numerous horrible deeds during the week. The first day I was hunting I was high on a concealed fence line watching numerous deer and elk make their way up the valley in front of public land hunters that had no idea they were pushing all the animals out of BLM and into private land. I watched two different hunters a few hours later make horrible shots, one on a mule deer and another on an elk. Both animals were shot on private land while these hunters were on public land, neither animal was recovered while only the hunters who shot the deer even tried to look for a blood trail. After watching this horrible display of sportsmanship I headed back to camp for some lunch and to rejoin the landowner for some more scouting, as I crested the fenceline I was on I noticed two more hunters and immediatley heard them shoot and yes they were way onto the private land by about one and half miles. The landowner and one of his "watchers", who saw them shoot the deer, were able to track these hunters down only to have them lie and say they "did not" shoot any deer. After information was exchanged and the hunters headed back to public land the "watcher" was able to pinpoint and recover the deer they "had not" shot. Needless to say G&F was called and these guys ended up paying the price even more for being dishonest. A couple of days later my father and the landowner witnessed some public land hunters on horseback cut his fence so the horses could get through and go around some terrain that was too gnarly for the horses to navigate. Needless to say the hunters got away without any repercussions because a horse is faster than a man. I spent a week hiking these mountains and if I found one I found four or five blood trails of wounded animals that did not end in a gut pile or a dead animal.

I am sure there were more bad deeds witnessed but these were the worst. People need to know where they are at all times, know what your shooting abilities are and have some respect for the landowners and animals in general. Sorry for the long winded post but I could go on and on about this subject for days. Thanks and Good Hunting!