Our second consecutive successful season in the Oregon Minam Unit, this time getting myself a nice little 4-point. Conditions were tough, from one extreme to another, starting opening day at 85F and by three days later sub-freezing with snow and howling winds up on Bear Wallow. I got this buck after watching a couple of does and their 3 babies behaving oddly on the mountainside. They kept looking up hill and downhill and couldn't seem to decide which way to go. After about 15 minutes out steps this young buck. I threw a couple of fawn bleats out there previously, which got the does attention, so when they finally moved up the mountain, they came in my direction to see what the bleating was about since they couldn't see me. This nicely led the buck through what would otherwise have been a small window of opportunity at some distance to a very large one at about 45yds.

After the shot he ran 150 yds along a very steep part of the mountainside in the snow above an old logging road, and got held up against a tree truck. We were able to get the rig with tailgate down right up against the lower bank, and unhooking the deer from the tree trunk, slide him down the mountain right in to the bed of my truck lol.Click image for larger version. 

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