Hey guys,

I am leaving for an archery antelope trip next week (hunt dates 9/7-9/11) and I have a question or two about using ground blinds and decoys together.

I am planning on doing a little blind hunting by water holes and in alfalfa fields. I do have a couple carry lite antelope decoys that I can use, if necessary. Should I use them for my setup by a) water and b) alfalfa fields? If the water hole is small enough, maybe the answer is no? But some of the water that I think they are using has very "long shorelines" and has a lot of potential places they can come into the water. Because of this, I am not 100% sure where to set up the blind. I was wondering if having a decoy or two would help bring them in closer to me if they are in the general area? If I use the decoy(s), how many (1 or 2) should I use and should they be does, bucks, or a buck and a doe, or which combination? Same questions apply for the alfalfa fields setup. Thanks!