Jerry good luck on the draw! Ridgerunner that sure is a beautiful sheep! I got to go on a sheep hunt with a friend and he got a 181 2/8" Lower Rock Creek ram here in Montana. I also was lucky enough to go with a buddy on a Mountain goat hunt in the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness and he got a really beautiful 9 1/4" billy! I also got to tag along with the same guy on a moose hunt for a couple days up near Thompson Falls Montana. He got a nice bull, but not when I was with him. Can you say packhorse, as that's what I was but I loved it! Would not trade it for anything and it's almost as getting a tag yourself!

I loved eating my buddies ram as it was shot before the rut and he was wonderful. The mountain goat was really tough and strong. We tried everything with him and even made some really spicy sausage and he still was strong tasting. His brother loved the goat meat! My friends moose was also very good. That's as much a part of the whole experience for me as I love the meat of game I'm lucky enough to harvest.

Good luck to everyone on the draws here. I better get down and get my moose, sheep, and goat tags in!