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    MT results are in

    As a resident, I was hoping for the 570-20 tag, no luck this year, however a friend did draw the tag, excited for him. I still will be able to hunt bulls on 6000 acres of the ranch we lease, so all is not lost, forgot to put in for the 900-20 tag for bow, which I totally forgot, duh, but sure...
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    Anyone interested in partnering up for a deer and antelope lease here in Montana?

    I found a group to work with....
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    Plantar fasciitus

    The insoles will thing I did was the exercises , stretch that area of foot, best thing I found was to freeze a 16 oz water bottle, roll with your foot, that helped a bunch.
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    Montana Antelope 630

    Antelope are still recovering from the winter of 2010-11, numbers down. Your question regarding blm ground can be answered either online or at the Glasgow office for BLM. Ask before going on private ground.
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    Another bout of winter arrived last night into today, we had a cpl inches in Glasgow, I talked to rancher up in White Sulphur Springs, they had about 10 inches, another rancher near Big Timber had over 15 inches on their place, going to be a bit chilly the next fed\w days, some places getting...
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    Some areas were walloped. Feet of snow. If you have questions regarding certain areas, just use the internet to check snowfall totals and webcams.
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    Montana Bulls

    Neighbor took a nice 6 pt bull down in 700 this weekend, not bad for all of 2 days hunting, residency has it's perks....
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    Montana Bulls

    Comes with age.....wisdom.
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    Montana Bulls

    Here are a couple Montana bulls taken the first 10 days or so on the ranch me and some other share in a lease, first week group has already committed to coming back next fall, seeing good numbers of animals, weather has been difficult, first rain , rain and more rain, then warm, looks like the...
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    Time for a change...

    The time has come for the FWP in Montana to manage our elk and mule deer in an effective way not only to manage numbers, but also quality of the herds. The shoulder seasons have had little effect on elk numbers in areas where numbers are over the so called "objective numbers". Hunting cow elk...
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    When smoking a pack a day is a good thing....

    They were all out of camel's...?.
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    Montana reservation hunting?

    Are non tribal members allowed to hunt on any reservations in Montana thru buying a tag? It was my understanding that the only big game allowed to be hunted on a reservation is Bison? Is this incorrect? I have tried to reach out to several reservations in Montana, but it is fruitless.
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    Warriors Hunt

    The remaining service member dropped her elk, so honored to be part of this hunt, well done by everyone![ATTACH=CONFIG]
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    Montana 2019 season dates

    Looking like archery for elk and deer will run from Sept. 7-Oct. 20th, with rifle going from the Oct. 26-Dec. 1. Wondering how much archery elk hunting will be done the final 3 weeks of the bow season? I have property I am leasing for the entire year and am wondering if it may be worth leasing...
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    Warriors Hunt

    Montana Warriors On The Water just concluded a cow elk hunt near Big Timber this past weekend. We hosted 5 veterans, including 2 purple heart recipients thru the FWP "Purple Heart " program in which the public can donate back to fwp fishing and hunting licenses which they are awarded to Purple...
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    Weather change

    Still finding a few bulls, friend knocked this bull down little more then quarter mile from where I dropped mine....
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    Weather change

    The weather change here in Montana has really made an impact in the area I hunt, opening week was very mild, did not really see a lot of animals. The cold snap and snow we have experienced lately has made a good impact for myself and friends, having taken some good bulls lately. Deer are...
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    Anyone know a website to find folks who are interested in sharing a lease in Montana?

    Just curious if anyone knows a good website to post some info on finding lease partners for a lease in Montana? I tried craigslist, but they get flagged quite a bit for some reason. I know there are websites that have leases, but have not found one that helps hunters find other hunters...
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    Montana Purple Heart Recipient Program

    I urge everyone to check out the Montana Purple Heart Recipient Program, folks can donate hunting and fishing permits to service members who are Purple Heart recipients hunting with a organization that puts on hunts and fishing trips for our service members. If you have someone in your family...