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  1. MSUcat61

    Barbary sheep

    Posted this on the New Mexico section, but figured I'd post here too. Was lucky enough to draw this unique New Mexico Auodad tag this year. Since this isn't a typical species most guys hunt, was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience hunting them. I'm guessing a lot of hiking and...
  2. MSUcat61

    Barbary sheep

    Was lucky enough to draw this unique tag this year. Since this isn't a typical species most guys hunt, was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience hunting them. I'm guessing a lot of hiking and glassing, but anything specific about this hunt would be appreciated. Judging a good ram...
  3. MSUcat61

    Bonus Points

    I moved from NV to NM last summer. Was wondering if anyone knows if all my resident bonus points will continue if I apply as a non-resident this year.
  4. MSUcat61

    Blue grouse success

    Just moved to ABQ this summer and NM is already treating me well with a limit of blues on my first outing. Found these guys above 10,000 ft on a quick afternoon hunt.
  5. MSUcat61

    Moving to Albuquerque

    Just found out Friday that I'll be moving to Albuquerque in June. If anyone has any info on areas to live, etc. I'd appreciate it.
  6. MSUcat61

    Late Jarbidge Bull Tag!!

    Hey guys, So this is the first big LE tag I've ever drawn and I'm already getting excited/anxious. I have a few specific questions but all and any help is appreciated. I've already got several maps of the area, have google-earthed the area a million times, and I've talked to a former tag...
  7. MSUcat61

    Big Montana sheep

    A buddy from high school found this today near Anaconda. Would love to see what he tapes out at.
  8. MSUcat61

    Baa baa black sheep

    Maybe a weird question, but do bighorn sheep "baa" or make any type of vocalization? Went on a hike this afternoon south of Vegas and from the canyon below me I swear I heard a distinct "baa baa." I was in great sheep habitat and there was plenty of sign everywhere, but for the life of me I...
  9. MSUcat61

    2014 application

    Hey guys, I've been on a bit of an Eastman's forum hiatus due to school and whatnot, but I'm back and am looking for a little input or suggestions on this year's application season. This very well may be my last year in Nevada since med school will be ending and I'll be starting residency...
  10. MSUcat61

    Bucks, Bears, and Birds

    Went looking for blue grouse yesterday. I hadn't see any birds yet and was just thinking how odd it was that I hadn't seen any deer. As I was walking through a thick patch of timber high atop the ridge, I immediately froze as the biggest buck I've ever seen alive was casually strolling through...
  11. MSUcat61

    Vortex Spotters, Diamondback vs. Viper

    Can anyone help me out a little with the difference one would see when comparing the Diamondback 20-60 x 60mm and the Viper 15-45 x 65mm. I'm guessing the viper obviously has better glass since it costs more but just wondering about specific advantages and disadvantages. The diamondback is less...
  12. MSUcat61

    Different kind of big game

    First time offshore fishing. Off the coast of Costa Rica.
  13. MSUcat61

    Himalayan Snowcock

    Anyone ever go after these guys? I was thinking of making a weekend trip over to the Rubies sometime in September to see if I could find some. It looks like they'll be tough to find and even tougher to shoot, but quite the experience, especially if I can actually get one.
  14. MSUcat61

    Antelope skulls

    I have the horn sheaths from a buck I got a few years ago but a dog ran off with the skull. I was wondering if I were to ever fill a doe tag, if I could just clean up the skull and attach the sheaths to the doe skull. I've never taken a doe so I don't really have a good idea of how much bone...
  15. MSUcat61

    Montana Bison Hunt

    I just saw that around 250 bison were killed in this year's hunt, but only 37 were from state license issued tags. The rest were all taken by Native American tribes. I understand there are treaties from 1855, etc. and I'm all for respecting those agreements and letting the tribes participate in...
  16. MSUcat61

    Unit 211 Mule Deer

    I been wondering this for a couple years... The famed Mule Deer Unit 270 is bordered to the east and the south by several general tag or unlimited tag areas. So my question is are the monster bucks that are found in 270 located centrally or away from these units? Or are they just hunted in...
  17. MSUcat61

    Hounds killed by wolves

    I don't know the guy, but I just saw a facebook post last night of a guy whose three lion hounds were killed by a pack of wolves in Montana this weekend. It happened only a couple hundred yards in front of him and it was over before he got there. Reading the story and the corresponding comments...
  18. MSUcat61

    Big Sky Conference

    Alright fellow FCS football fans, who's gonna win the Big Sky this year? And who will go farther in the playoffs? Conference is really tough and filled with parity this year. With the unbalanced conference schedule, some interesting scenarios could definitely play out.
  19. MSUcat61

    Swans in Nevada

    Never drew any tags this year and it looks like the chukar hunting is going to be tough. Anyways, drew a swan tag and was wondering if anyone on here waterfowl hunts, if you've ever gone after them, and if you have any advice for me. From what I've found on the internet, it seems like they'll...
  20. MSUcat61

    How'd everyone do on the opener?

    Opening weekend in the books and I've yet to hear of many successful stories or see any pics. Let's see em...