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  1. conibear

    Montana Stimulus Check Arrived!

    $632 Montana You Didn't Get Drawn stimulus check arrived today! #mood
  2. conibear

    Required Reading COVID19

    You've got your hunting applications in, secured your toilet paper, oiled the Sturmgewehr 57, downloaded all of Jocko's podcasts - now it's time to read. The Plague (1947) - Albert Camus Greedy Bastards (2012) - Dylan Ratigan Moby-Dick; or, The Whale (1851) - Herman Melville Mad props to...
  3. conibear

    How to get a Swarovski spotting scope for $100.

    FYI...I explained that I needed a Swarovski spotter because of an astigmatism and my insurance covered it, co-pay was $100. I'm arguing the tripod is an orthopedic device and I think I'll get it.
  4. conibear

    AustriAlpin Review: Awesome

    Like most of you, I like DIY. I decided to upgrade my 20 year old Dwight Shuh Fieldline pack (god forbid I buy a new pack) and came upon AustriAlpin. Game changer. I ordered a discounted 2" Cobra buckle and slapped it on my hipbelt. These buckles are used in the millitary and simply will not...
  5. conibear

    The Ultimate Hunter

    Take time this winter to try and go listen to a pack of hounds in full cry. This little hound will always be the ultimate hunter: snow, ice, rain, dry ground, cold-track, sight chase, none of it mattered - she kept a crock pot filled with hare for 10 years, I'd estimate +800 hare were gunned...
  6. conibear

    Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

    If you've never donated to RMEF, you should consider it, you'll feel better and you'll enjoy your elk hunting even more.
  7. conibear

    Rangefinder not required.

    RESPECT 25 days into his hunt, Fred Bear did this. Shooting a white animal amongst a sea of white without a sight, wrap your mind around that.
  8. conibear

    Dwight Schuh frame - the rig that will not die.....

    Going on 15 years and over a ton of freighted venison on the Dwight Schuh-Fieldline frame. If you ever see one for sale buy it.
  9. conibear

    Zamberlan Tofane: Year 3

    Year 3 in Zamberlan Tofanes. About to order another back-up pair in case production moves out of Italy. A little elk blood on them just adds to the legacy. Greatest boot I've ever worn.
  10. conibear

    Whitetail Cull

    Doing my best to rid the west of whitetails, one tag at a time. Barnes TTSX 168 gr continues to impress.
  11. conibear

    The King Bolete

    This has been a great year for foraging the Cascades, some of the largest king boletes yet. The orange mushroom is 'Chicken of the Woods' and you'll see them growing on trees, neglected by people who have no idea they are good eating.
  12. conibear

    Sheep Hunting Ends in Hart Mountain

    ODFW is cancelling future sheep hunts in Hart Mountain. Mountain lions continue to devastate this population of isolated sheep and 5 collared rams were confirmed killed by mountain lions this year. If only Oregon valued its ungulates half as much as salmon. Anyhow, you can still go soak in...
  13. conibear

    Number of WY applicants....

    The increase in applicants is staggering, all good things must come to an end. Good luck to all who have a coveted tag in their pocket!
  14. conibear

    Results are in and.........

    Checking ODFW for results is like checking C-SPAN for intelligent life. Unsuccessful for goat-sheep-antlerless deer-pronghorn-elk-mule deer - the fishing is superb though!
  15. conibear

    Oregon Redtail Surfperch

    100% of the Oregon coast is public, and the fishing can be awesome. Tight lines all!
  16. conibear

    Trout Update

    The rivers are dropping and clearing, and the trout are on. Tight lines amigos!
  17. conibear

    Brook Trout

    The waters are opening up, tight lines everybody.
  18. conibear

    What Have You Done to Your Rig?

    Who is working on their rig? I just put Old Man Emu Dakar leaf springs-bushings on my 1st Gen Tacoma. Running old shackles. The difference is incredible and I have my 1.5" rake back. The leafs come shimmed to avoid squeak. Also put on an extended braided brake line. These springs give 2.5"...
  19. conibear

    spring fishing

    a quick crappie trip to replenish our fish freezer until the trout waters thaw out
  20. conibear

    latest carving

    My latest carving: 17" male Salvelinus fontinalis. This is an actual trout I caught in the Cascades, measured down to the very shape of the caudal fin and spacing of the eyes and adipose fin. Carved in a more muted configuration without a kype or wild spawning colours. By the end of the week...