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    Anyone interested in partnering up for a deer and antelope lease here in Montana?

    I found a group to work with....
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    Montana Bulls

    Here are a couple Montana bulls taken the first 10 days or so on the ranch me and some other share in a lease, first week group has already committed to coming back next fall, seeing good numbers of animals, weather has been difficult, first rain , rain and more rain, then warm, looks like the...
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    Time for a change...

    The time has come for the FWP in Montana to manage our elk and mule deer in an effective way not only to manage numbers, but also quality of the herds. The shoulder seasons have had little effect on elk numbers in areas where numbers are over the so called "objective numbers". Hunting cow elk...
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    When smoking a pack a day is a good thing....

    They were all out of camel's...?.
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    Montana reservation hunting?

    Are non tribal members allowed to hunt on any reservations in Montana thru buying a tag? It was my understanding that the only big game allowed to be hunted on a reservation is Bison? Is this incorrect? I have tried to reach out to several reservations in Montana, but it is fruitless.
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    Montana 2019 season dates

    Looking like archery for elk and deer will run from Sept. 7-Oct. 20th, with rifle going from the Oct. 26-Dec. 1. Wondering how much archery elk hunting will be done the final 3 weeks of the bow season? I have property I am leasing for the entire year and am wondering if it may be worth leasing...
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    Warriors Hunt

    Montana Warriors On The Water just concluded a cow elk hunt near Big Timber this past weekend. We hosted 5 veterans, including 2 purple heart recipients thru the FWP "Purple Heart " program in which the public can donate back to fwp fishing and hunting licenses which they are awarded to Purple...
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    Weather change

    The weather change here in Montana has really made an impact in the area I hunt, opening week was very mild, did not really see a lot of animals. The cold snap and snow we have experienced lately has made a good impact for myself and friends, having taken some good bulls lately. Deer are...
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    Anyone know a website to find folks who are interested in sharing a lease in Montana?

    Just curious if anyone knows a good website to post some info on finding lease partners for a lease in Montana? I tried craigslist, but they get flagged quite a bit for some reason. I know there are websites that have leases, but have not found one that helps hunters find other hunters...
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    Montana Purple Heart Recipient Program

    I urge everyone to check out the Montana Purple Heart Recipient Program, folks can donate hunting and fishing permits to service members who are Purple Heart recipients hunting with a organization that puts on hunts and fishing trips for our service members. If you have someone in your family...
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    3-4 year old bull bison

    Just wondering what a 3-4 year old bull bison would eat like? Would steaks and roast starting to become tough? I know of a few bulls being culled from heard and may have a chance to get one, thanks.
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    Montana Warriors On The Water cow elk hunt

    Well, returned earlier today for a cow elk hunt for service members here in Montana. In 2 1/2 days of hunting we were able to fill everyone's tag. It was truly a pleasurer to be able to spend some time with these fine men. Three opted to also take a turkey. If you would like to check out Montana...
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    Sausage makers....

    Anyone care to share their best sausage recipe's? Do you mix with pork, if so, what %? I am going to try and make a bit this winter from elk. I am thinking, Italian, Polish, Brats, Linguisa....
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    Africa Hunt

    Montana Warriors On The Water has available an African hunt for two to South Africa, valued at $8000. Someone bought this at auction this summer and stopped payment on the check. Hunt does not include airfare over there, there is a post about the hunt on MWOTW facebook page. The page also tells...
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    Party Hunting....thoughts?

    Here in Montana it is illegal. What are some thoughts on the subject?
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    Experience hunting moose on Canadian First Nations land?

    Just curious if anyone has experiences up in Alberta or Sask. hunting these lands? Were you satisfied with hunt and where did you go if you would like to say? I have a friend heading up in Oct. and have the chance to go along and buy a hunt.
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    Pray for rain

    The moisture has been missing a large portion of eastern Montana into the Dakotas, for early June, it is already very, very dry. They are saying rain early this week, I pray they are right, otherwise farmers and ranchers are going to be in bad shape. If these conditions persist there will...
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    SE Montana deer and antelope lease....fair price?

    I am thinking of sub-leasing 6000 acres near Glendive, MT for ARCHERY deer and antelope season this fall. I am thinking 2-4 hunters. Just curious what others who have or checked into leasing in this area think would be a good dollar amount to ask for, thanks.
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    Bulls in full swing

    Just came back earlier today from ranch in SC Montana, rut is going full gear, was showing ranch to a few friends , who hadn't ever hunted there, kept running into bulls trying to show them the place, ended up backing out, lots of satellite bulls plus a few big boys with their gals, seeing them...
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    Block Management Program good or bad?

    This question is for Montana residents only please. What are your thoughts on Block Management hunting areas? My own thoughts are that the govt. should not take our wildlife funds and use them in this way. It has been my observations that Block land is usually overhunted, especially the units...