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    Leupold VX6 - very impressed

    Guys, I don't get a lot of time to contribute to the forum, but now that taxidermy season is winding down for me I wanted to share this info. I put a custom rifle together a couple years ago (300 Win, Winchester Model 70, Benchmark #4 contour, Manners EH3 stock), and put a VX6 3-18 CDS scope on...
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    Leupold Gold Ring vs Vortex Razor HD - test results

    First things first. I am not an optics expert. I am simply a dude testing out some optics in a man-made glassing situation. This is just an informative FYI. Not meaning to show bias or talk down about any company. Just completed a test on a couple of Vortex Razor HD spotting scopes vs. an old...
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    Just wanted to say thanks!!

    Guys I don't spend a whole lot of time on the forum, but I wanted to make thank those of you that helped me out on my Idaho elk hunt this fall. Too many times guys show up, ask for a tip, and take it and run. Never to be heard from again. I don't want to be that guy. Ivorytip had hunted this...
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    Swarovksi or Nightforce for my custom 300 Win Mag?

    need some opinions I had a Winchester model 70 rebarreled with a Benchmark barrel #4 contour (10 twist) chambered in 300 Win Mag, had the magazine box customized for longer seating depth, the trigger is sweet at just under 2lbs, and it shoots well. I'm currently shooting Barnes 168 TTSX, and...
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    best brand of "musket cap"

    in the past I have always used CCI musket caps, since 209s are not legal in ID. I'm about out of caps, and am looking for info on the best cap (reliable, hot ignition). I have come across the discussion that the "new" CCI musket caps are for "reenactment only", and only throw a flame similar to...
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    lead muzzleloader bullet opinions

    Wondering what you folks think the best "all lead" muzzleloader bullet is for big bull elk. Given Idaho's laws, my setup is a Traditions Vortek NW edition .50 cal. I've killed a few elk (cows, raghorns) with PB 348gr flat nose solids. Hoping for a crack at a monster bull this time, and want to...
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    NV - Antelope help

    hey guys, I'm asking for any help or tips you can give me on for my much anticipated antelope tag in (65,142,144). Given my time constraints, I don't post a lot of things on the forum, so I know I need to give to receive. I'm a SE Idaho hunter and taxidermist and I am willing to trade some...
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    NV - Owyhee Desert

    Anybody have any information on the NV Owyhee Desert antelope unit 66. I know it is very isolated and vast with very few tags, but it seems to be calling my name. I've killed a handful of good antelope bucks 77-79" in WY and Idaho, but it's time to go for something big in Nevada. Is this a...
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    WY Units 78 an 80

    Does anybody have any information on WY units 78 and/or 80 for antelope that they are willing to share? I'm interested in knowing what the trophy potential is like, what the terrain/habitat is like, and hunting access. Thanks