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    2020 Turkey Picture Thread

    I am going in New Mexico ,opener April 15th. Here in Arizona it doesn't open till 10 days later the 24th. And you have to get drawn. And I didn't Thats why I am Going to N. Mexico . Only 1- to 2 hours farther than where I go in AZ. New Mexico lets You take 2 birds in alot of areas but they...
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    Demographics of Eastmans Hunting Forum

    Allmost 64 , In PA. till 21 ,Phoenix ever since. Coulndnt see working in a factory or living on Lake Erie my whole life. Just upped My Eastmans Script today. makes about min. 30 years of getting It..............BOB!
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    Los Angeles Couty Sheriff close gun stores

    Very stupid when Spring hunts are still allowed!...............BOB!
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    CO Deer with 3 points

    I did Unit 70 last year. 3RD hunt with 3 points and it sucked . Don't go there I know that much..............BOB!
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    Another great AZ trip

    Congrats, Once you killed one with a rifle, the next one should be a Bow. They are to easy to hunt once you learn how to hunt them. Living here in Az. I got my 2 and I am done. Live in the desert and had them on my front porch many times.To me they are like pets. If You are from out a State its...
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    6% non-resident draw tags

    I am an AZ. res and hunted NM. alot for years. Don't even put in anymore. They screwed the non res. with the outfitter allocation. And everyone is an outfitter. LOL . They loose out on My $.......................BOB!
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    Arizona outfitters

    Duwane didn't retire. He says He never will. For Elk unit 1 He is the man. . For the Kaibab He is the best . For coues He is the godfather. Look no where else. Big Game hunts or look at face book under his name and you will find his website..PS. I have used him. AAA rating. Steve is great for...
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    Wyoming elk unit 38 type 9 vs 45 type 1 with archery stamp

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    Wyoming elk unit 38 type 9 vs 45 type 1 with archery stamp

    I am in the same boat. 10 points and think I am going rifle in 38 , never been there but heard it is a little easier terrain to get around in. I will be 64 at time of hunt, so will be my last time there. Would like to here pro's and cons from some one who's been there as well............BOB!
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    Kaibab early rifle!

    Alabama, You did what You could , its a tough hunt. A few guys get lucky on big ones but not many. The only ones that do good on the early hunts is with guides or guys that had Cameras and spent a ton of time scouting. That can't happen if You live out of State. The late hunt is Completely...
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    Wyoming Unit 34 Mule Deer

    Didn't realize till just now, in my Wyoming picture I have on a Eastmans Hunting Journal Cap. Never know what I'm wearing. Have so many and only time I where a cap is hunting, cause I aint bald yet..LOL............BOB!
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    First Snow of the Season

    I am Coming From Phoenix on Friday for unit 70. Should I hunt transition or stay lower if lottsa snow. . My guess is Transition and Glass and Glass some more. Like We do it Here ,all day with 15's on the old tripod. Watch for Moving Deeer . How Much is the eastern part of the unit...
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    .Hello Jerm, my name is BOB I am 63 now and have 11 points for Elk for next year. Cant draw unit...

    .Hello Jerm, my name is BOB I am 63 now and have 11 points for Elk for next year. Cant draw unit 100 , was wandering If You had any Ideas where I can get the biggest bang for the Buck. I will be 64 at time of hunt but get around good. Can't afford 8K + for outfitter. I would be solo also ...
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    Wyoming Unit 34 Mule Deer

    Here are My 2 Bucks . Bottom one is unit 34. top one is AZ.. As You can see My 34 Wyoming buck is nothin special Has double eye gaurds about an in long ,hard to see. them unless you really zoom in. We didn't hunt real hard and only 2 days. I was more pumped for my hunt back home in a...
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    Wyoming Unit 34 Mule Deer

    To tell You the truth I don't know . My buddy from casper took us and we had a kid about 15 that we got a deer first and I was not driving and never payed attention where we were at . Was just allways watching for deer.. If I had to guess I would say west.Sorry not much help. Just like I went...
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    Unit 100 success

    I have an old Buddy there right now and heard He has glassed up over 100 bulls between Him and his Brother and nothing over 300. Hard to tell from pictures what your goes. Congrats big time. I have 11 points and gonna burn em next year. I am 63 and will never catch max. Living in AZ. 42 years...
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    Wyoming Unit 34 Mule Deer

    I hunted south part last year and took an average 4x4 on 2nd day , nothing special but some small 2nd eye gaurds . went up north 1 day and wind was killer no one was seeing much went back south to open country and killed. There were 2 4x4's together. did some walking the wind was so bad they...
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    Elk Unit 35 Success

    Good Job and hard Work,,,,,,,BOB!
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    Last Day AZ Bull

    Nice last day Bull or any Day. Had to Congrats You here . I quit the other site Here in AZ. To many jerks. Again Nice work.............BOB!
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    Kaibab early rifle!

    Deer was a hog ,G & Fish said He was 6 and a half years old. They said most are 2 and a half or 3 and a half.