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  1. NEWHunter

    WY unit 7?

    Kind of echoing what go_deep said, I think they cut a good number of tags from last year. Might what to consider that when you’re trying to figure out if you can draw it this year.
  2. NEWHunter

    Wyoming Antelope 73 unit

    I was in the unit mid October last year. There were definitely some decent ones around yet. They seemed to be grouping up, so the animals were a bit harder to find, but once you found them there were generally quite a few. The later you go, the more likely they are to be herded up. Might...
  3. NEWHunter

    WY Antelope Unit Info

    Maybe I should have been more clear. My post wasn’t about the correlation between the special draw and antelope size. It was about the fact that in the special draw, with points being equal, the special generally gets you in to units with more public land. That and the records from Carbon...
  4. NEWHunter

    WY Antelope Unit Info

    For the best chance at bigger bucks I’d certainly go with the special draw. Generally, you’ll get more accessible land to hunt and as just about any unit in WY can produce a trophy, the more access the better. Carbon County WY has more B&C entries than any other county in North America. My...
  5. NEWHunter

    2020 Family WY Antelope Hunt

    Based on what I’ve seen, I don’t think you’d have the fun family hunting experience you’re looking for in unit 21 if filling buck tags is any kind of priority. As, others have said, a doe hunt with long shot buck tags might be a good option. The best option would be to locate a trespass fee...
  6. NEWHunter

    Antelope success thread

    Got these guys on 2nd choice tags in WY. My Dads first and my second. Excited to see what a 5+ point unit in the special draw looks like next year
  7. NEWHunter

    WY Antelope Unit Info

    Just noticed that WY Fish and Game posted some new info to the Hunt Planner feature on their website. They now have unit summaries which I found interesting and they also state a public land percentage for the unit along with some other new info. I found the public land percentage useful as it...
  8. NEWHunter

    The 2018 Antelope Picture Thread!

    Hi All. First off, thanks to all the members for providing such useful info. I’m looking forward to now being able to post some info on WY antelope hunting based on experience. Got this guy on a 2nd choice tag in WY on my first western hunt. While not a monster, I adhered to the don’t pass...
  9. NEWHunter

    How Much Ground Can I Cover

    I'll be headed out to Wyoming this fall for my first antelope hunt. Wondering if any of you experienced antelope hunters could tell me about how much ground you can cover per hour on foot. Just looking for a rough miles/hour average assuming average antelope habitat in an average unit. Any...
  10. NEWHunter

    Increase in Tag Applications

    With the draw just having wrapped up and results having been announced, I thought folks might be interested in this article WY Fish and Game posted on their website - Wondering what people's thoughts are on the...
  11. NEWHunter

    Wisconsin Elk Hunt

    Thanks to all the RMEF members out there. Wisconsin just announced that they will be holding their first elk hunt this fall. While the hunt is for residents only and there will only be four tags available in the draw, I still have a chance that wouldn't be possible without some major help from...
  12. NEWHunter

    Hello and Thank You

    Hi All, My name is Matt and I'm 34 years old and live near Green Bay, WI. I'm just getting started when it comes to hunting out west and wanted to start participating in the forums after having spent many hours searching and reading posts over the last few months, hence the 'Thank You' in the...