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  1. Kodiak

    Idaho Trophy Species Draw Results

    Congrats Birdsandbucks! That will be a blast. No luck for me this year in ID Moose
  2. Kodiak

    12 elk points for Wyoming?

    Sent ya a PM
  3. Kodiak

    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    A lot of great bulls on here! Good work everyone. Here is my contribution from this weekend.
  4. Kodiak

    Wyoming unit 19 random sheep tag!!!

    Nice. Good luck!
  5. Kodiak

    Wyoming unit 19 random sheep tag!!!

    Any updates on the hunt?
  6. Kodiak

    BOOM! successful draw!

    Nice. I help a friend fill his doe tag in that area opening weekend. The hardest part about it is staying with in 1/2 mile of irrigated land.
  7. Kodiak

    Wyoming unit 19 random sheep tag!!!

    Nice there are some good rams in there.
  8. Kodiak

    Mtnguide In The Magazine And On Eastmans' Elevated

    Good listen! Thanks guys. Good luck on that goat hunt!
  9. Kodiak

    Who is bowhunting where?

    Fun to read everyone’s plans. Elk and antelope in Wyoming for me.
  10. Kodiak

    Wyoming unit 19 random sheep tag!!!

    Congrats! I hit the lotto last year in unit 3. Enjoy it! You been scouting much?
  11. Kodiak

    BOOM! successful draw!

    Nice! That is a fun hunt you will get to look at a ton of antelope. Which doe rage did you draw?
  12. Kodiak

    Elk Archery Hunting

    In my opinion any broad dead cram fail. I have experience with hyperdermics and magnus buzzcuts and either one can fail. Center punching a bone on an elk is a bad deal no matter what is on the tip of your arrow. Personally I shoot fixed blades for elk but I did have a buzz cut buckle on me when...
  13. Kodiak

    Wyoming Sheep Hunt

    To stay out of sight of the bedded rams, we backed over the ridge and covered the mile to the rock pile that looked like it would give us a good vantage. We then worked our way over the ridge and up to the edge. We crawled up to the edge and no sheep. I crawled a little farther and still no...
  14. Kodiak

    Wyoming Sheep Hunt

    September 1 ? We were up and hiking well before light. Walking through the open basin in the dark was pretty eerie knowing that we could bump into a bear at any time but we made it to the top of the ridge just as there was enough light to start seeing things. We split into two group and headed...
  15. Kodiak

    Wyoming Sheep Hunt

    August 31 ? Friday mid morning found me and a friend waiting at a the trail head for our two other hunting companions and the horses they were bringing to help us up the mountain. I walked up the trail in front of the horses who carried all of our gear. It was great to have almost no weight on...
  16. Kodiak

    Wyoming Sheep Hunt

    The next few weeks I spent mostly eliminating spots due to various reasons. I would eliminate spots based lack of water, hard access, no sign of sheep, or signs of outfitter activity. By the first week of August I had narrowed down to two areas that I knew held rams and I wanted to check out up...
  17. Kodiak

    Wyoming Sheep Hunt

    As work and time would allow I would glass the ridges and mountain basins that I could see from the the road from hiking in several miles to a good glassing point. July 21, a different friend made the trek down to hike into a different drainage. The plan was the same as a few weeks earlier...
  18. Kodiak

    Wyoming Sheep Hunt

    Last spring a drew I drew a sheep tag in the random draw and a few guys on here really helped me out. Here is the story of the whole hunt. If it get a little long winded I appologize. I hadn’t planed on drawing the tag and really started from scratch learning how to hunt sheep. All in all it...
  19. Kodiak

    Wyo unit 3 Sheep

    I ended up killing a nice ram opening day. It was a great hunt and I learned a ton. A lot of sheep, a lot of bear and a lot of rough country, everything you could ask for in a sheep hunt. I will write up a post about it when o get a chance.
  20. Kodiak

    Don?t forget the feet!!

    I had a good reminder this weekend during a backpacking scouting trip. We hiked 26 miles in about 24 hours with a 40 lb load and my body felt great! All of my training and work outs were great but.... my feet took a beating. It must have been a combination of sweaty feet, a load, and rough...