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  1. Hatchet Jack

    Fuzzy 10 Pointer

    I was lucky enough to fill one of my whitetail tags opening day of Maryland's bow season September 6th. I had several trail cam pics of him and his bachelor buddies as they grew their antlers and munched on apple drops over the summer. He is not my biggest whitetail kill, but he is definitely my...
  2. Hatchet Jack

    Alaska Bound

    Flying out to Fairbanks Sept 7th for a DIY moose/caribou hunt with 3 of my buddies. We will be renting some 4x4 truck campers. Most of our hunting will be close to the Yukon border. I have a buddy who lives in the area we will be hunting. He has been checking out the areas this summer and will...
  3. Hatchet Jack

    The Split Ear Mountain Buck

    Been after this local mountain buck here in Maryland going on 2 years now. We gave him the nick name Split Ear for obvious reason. Got plenty of trail cam pics of him but I only laid eyes on him 3 times in 2 years while in the field. Was hoping to take him in archery season this year but turns...
  4. Hatchet Jack

    Muzzle Yoter

    Killed this guy 2nd day of Maryland's early muzzleloader season last week. Was waiting on a nice fat 8 pointer but could not resist a crack at this guy at 50 yds. My 1st coyote.:)
  5. Hatchet Jack

    Maryland Blackbear

    Was fortunate enough to draw one of 800 bear tags this year. Also lucky to fill tag opening morning. Best part was spending time at camp with old buddies.
  6. Hatchet Jack

    Southern Ohio Hunting Property

    Listing this for a friend of mine and his wife looking to retire and down size soon. Will be selling a 50 acre chunk of ground in some great whitetail and turkey hunting country. Property is half wooded and half field which is planted in beans than corn year to year by local farmer. (farmers...
  7. Hatchet Jack

    Ryan's 1st Bird

    Had a fun time chasing gobblers with my son this spring. After 2 years he finally connected. I believe Dad was more excited than the shooter.
  8. Hatchet Jack

    25 NR Elk Pts. What to do?

    Looking for suggestions and ideas. Currently have 25 Colorado Non Resident Elk Preference Points. Had always hoped to some day cash them in on a muzzleloader hunt in the northwest corner of the state. Looks like with the point creep that ain't gunna happen. I am 56 yrs old now and with current...
  9. Hatchet Jack

    Hello from Mid-Maryland

    Hello from the Appalachian Mountains of Maryland. Nestled between West Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania along the Appalachian Trail. Looking forward to reading about everyone's experiences and hunting excursions. Elk, whitetails and spring gobblers are my most favorite things to hunt. Have...