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    Checking wind conditions before range session

    I use It's a great reference especially if you are going to sight in your rifles. You can click the exact spot on the map where you are going to shoot. In the tool bar, you can drag the day/time and hour, and check the wind conditions during the timeframe you want to shoot. I use...
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    30-30 WIN iron sight adjustment

    New to 30-30 WIN. My dad gave me a mint 30-30 (1978) WIN lever action with less than 100 rounds. Worked up a load, NP 2250 fps, shooting 2.3" high at 50 yards and 4.3" high at 100 yards. Windage ~ 1.5" right at 100 yards. 3 shot group 50 yards 3". 3 shot group 100 yards 3.47". Assuming this...
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    Favorite Beer

    I'll list a few that I like: Black Butte ok. Moose Drool ok. 1554 pretty good. KBS I really like. CBS I really like but is a little sweet. KBS Expresso version is really good. Backwards Bastard is a really good. Dragon's Milk is really good. Bourbon County Brand Stout is a good sipper. The...
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    Question For Chukar Hunters

    How do you keep your dog's feet in good condition during the season? My GSPs front pads get chewed up after each hunt, not terribly, but enough so that I'll give her a 2 week break before we head out again. She is young and runs hard. She hasn't learned, yet, to pace herself. I think that's...
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    Mossy Oak Song (pass it on) Tracy Byrd

    This is an older song but for the life of me I can't find a download anywhere online. I can watch the video/song on Youtube. I'm taking my boy hunting and I'm putting together a Hunting Playlist for the drive. Maybe Mossy Oak didn't release the rights to the song. I checked all downloadable...
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    Gaia GPS vs. Onx

    Any thoughts. I use onX Hunt and I am happy with it. Any advantage of Gaia GPS over onX when in the field? Thanks
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    Son's first WTD hunt (Idaho GMU 10A, 16)

    I never ask for assistance with hunt locations; however, this is my son's first big game hunt and I would like to put him in a good general location. He has a late October B-Day so I am limited to WTD and for this reason I need some help. I have never hunted WTD, only Mule deer, so this is new...
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    Hunting Dog Name

    I'm getting a female GSP for bird hunting (grouse, chukar, pheasant). We have a few names picked out (Boots, Aspen, Scout, Jaeger, Stella, Kona, Brook). We like the name Scout but seems close to the command sit. Boots just sound good vocally especially when in the field. I read some owners...
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    WTS Vortex Viper HD 10x42

    Vortex Viper HD 10x42. Purchased in summer 2017. My daughter used them once for elk hunting this past season. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem overly interested in going again. Instead of hanging on to them I've decided to let them go. I don't need a 2nd pair. These binoculars are in perfect...
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    MT Points

    I have no points but want to start accumulating. Is it as easy as apply for license and pay for 1 point. Do I have to apply for a specific hunt? Get license fees back if not drawn (my understanding). Thanks
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    Trophy Bonded Tip (Reloading)

    Federal is selling Trophy Bonded Tip bullets for reloading. I have always been interested in this bullet. Now that it's available for reloading I'm real interested. Anyone have any experience with this bullet. Can't find the minimal velocity for opening (Called Federal but I have not heard back...
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    WTS Vortex Razor 11-33x50

    I have owned the scope for one year. I'm the original owner. I'm only selling the scope because I haven't used the scope in the field since I bought it. I've decided to part ways and use the money for my kids hunting gear. Perfect condition. Ocular and objective lenses have no defects. Tiny...
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    Which Dog Breed For My Needs

    Starting to research dogs for upland game hunting (Blue Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, stocked Pheasants, possible Quail, possible Chucker). May do do some waterfowl hunting (ducks) but likely not a lot. Looking at GSP vs. Lab. I plan on putting the dog in formal gun/hunting training. I tried to...
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    Narrow Mountain Roads

    I was driving this weekend on a NARROW mountain road. Steep slope to my left and drop off (cliff) to the right. Wide sections or turnouts were few and FAR between. I was hoping another truck wouldn't come my way. Thankfully no one did. What do you do in the scenario when another vehicle...
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    FHF Bino Harness

    I just received a FHF Bino Harness size medium. Small, compact, to the point. However, the side pockets are small and I can't even fit my windicator in them. For those who are running a FHF Bino Harness what are you using the side pockets for? I want to like this harness but the pockets are...
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    Patagonia: A company we can all support Great thread. Patagonia is a retailer we can all get behind. I don't own any of their gear but that will change. Last month their CEO...
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    Sleeping Bag Liner

    Has anyone used a sleeping bag liner? I have a 15-20 degree bag and I'm considering adding a liner vs getting a bag with a better rating. I've seen liners which claim 5-6 degrees up to 25 degrees increase in warmth. Anyone have experience with the accuracy of these claims? How easy is it to...
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    Companies that support keeping public land public This link shows companies which have signed on to keep public lands public. They are sending a letter to President Trump and congress urging them to keep public lands public. Before you purchase outdoor gear check and see...
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    Still hunting

    When still hunting Mule deer how slow do you go? I usually walk 7 steps or so, stop, give a really good look all around before moving again. I was never taught so I'm interested in how others approach this hunting method.
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    Bino Harness

    I've been looking at getting a bino harness. Getting tired of my binos bouncing around when I'm in the woods. Based on research, I have it narrowed down to FHF, Kuiu, and AGC. Vortex for 2016 has their version of the FHF and AGC bino harness backed by their VIP warranty. For all practical...