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  1. Matthoek21


    It's been kind of quiet for reports and success thus far. Anymore updates on what the elk are doing? Headed in for the last week of archery in S.W. CO. and just wondering what to expect? Should be wide open about now?? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Baggage Handling

    Hope my bow is intact. Just watched as they loaded my case on the plane to CO. It fell off the trailer and bounced twice on the runway. Guess I better sight it in when I get to CO. I packed it tight with clothes to help with mistreatment by the airlines. Guess I'll see when I get there. At least...
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    Fishing 2017

  4. Matthoek21

    Fishing 2017

    Had a good day Striper fishing on Lake Lanier Tuesday.
  5. Matthoek21

    Fishing 2017

    Nice King. Hooked another big one but it got tangled in the buoy rope. Me with a decent snapper. Pictures really don't do these fish justice. Just an awesome 3 day's. We limited on snapper everyday and caught 51dolphin the first day plus a cobia, beeliner, lane snapper, black snapper, red...
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    Fishing 2017

    Finally got down to Panama City this weekend.Day 1. Day 2. Day 3.My middle son with two 11-12 lb snapper. My oldest with a nice grouper and snapper.
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    Kryptek Altitude

    I just received my Eastmans Hunting Journal with the new collection from Kryptek called Altitude. It is sweet looking and i like the tall cuts, but I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the prices. Either way I think I need to start a GoFund Me page or if someone has about $3750 disposable...
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    Crappie fishing

    Here it's is.
  9. Matthoek21

    Fishing 2016

    Got out last weekend with my 13 year old Cole, one of his buddies, and my dad for some crappie fishing. The crappie didn't bite very well but the strippers did.
  10. Matthoek21

    Sitka Primaloft Jacket and Pants

    $150 $170 Or $300 for both. Both items are in perfect condition. Probably been worn no more than 6 times. No rips tears or stains.
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    Seat Cover Opinions Needed

    Just received my new Marathon Seat Covers. Like how they look and fit. Went with the black Kryptek Typhoon pattern. Thought it would look better with my black interior. I think it turned out good and I am happy.
  12. Matthoek21

    Base Camp

    Last week This week! What a difference a week makes.
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    Lol..."fine sandstones" we were talking about Indian names out there and that made me laugh. Here is a picture of the hornets nest.
  14. Matthoek21


    Thanks to all forum members for their help and constant encouragement. Thanks to sneakypete for keeping me awake on the long drive home. Here is tonight's supper...round steak and sliders. They were awesome!
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    All, Had a great trip with forum member Dan aka finesandtines out ut of Tampa. Finally met with a great forum member Colorado Cowboy. I drove out and met Roger(Colorado Cowboy) at his house. He's a great guy and enjoyed telling stories. Went to unit 74 first and didn't hear any bugling...
  16. Matthoek21

    Fishing 2016

    Had some fun last weekend in Panama City. Caught 4 nice kings, a tiger shark, some grouper and Amberjack, and we kept about 60 beeliner and White snapper.
  17. Matthoek21

    Fishing 2016

    Had my buddy hold the hornets nest just to see if he was man
  18. Matthoek21

    Fishing 2016

    Creeks and mountain streams in Georgia are getting hot. It is having a major affect on the trout. Two weekends ago I saw probably 15-20 trout floating dead. I still managed to catch a few but have pretty much stopped fishing these stressed areas. Seems the stockers are struggling worse than the...
  19. Matthoek21

    Black Mesa/Curecanti

    Thinking about trying this area for archery elk. Received maps yesterday and have talked to the game warden. Looking for some trail and road info on this area?? Seems like some long roads and hiking trails in there. Just hoping this area is remote enough for bivouac style. Any info or...
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    Fishing 2016

    Here is the fly Hilltop was using on the white bass, lol... That's for you Pete. Sorry to drag you into this Hilltop but I just had to. Was actually just going through one of my fly boxes and found those. May mail them to Pete. Haha