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  1. prhunter

    Colorado Wyoming

    Does anyone know if Colorado will release their deer/elk draw results before the Wyoming antelope/deer deadline this year?
  2. prhunter

    Knight DISC

    Greeting all, I have an older 50 cal Knight DISK. It uses the original DISK 209 primer ignition system (orange). The barrel is kinda short... under 26" for sure. My question is... does anyone know when were those rifles being manufactured and the rate of twist on those barrels? Thanks in advance.
  3. prhunter

    CO 1st rifle elk vs. muzzy elk

    I'm sure its been talked about here before but.... Which would you all prefer? Colorado muzzleloader elk or Colorado first rifle elk? What would be pro/cons on one hunt vs the other?
  4. prhunter

    2020 AZ Javelina

    Greetings all, So this year I was able to take a nice AZ javelina boar. I was a week full of stalks and bad weather but somehow we made it work.
  5. prhunter

    Leupold Ultimate Slam SABR Reticle

    Just wondering if anyone here has any experience using these scopes with the SABR reticle. I plan on installing one on my Traditions In-Line Muzzleloader. Thanks in advance. Current load 2-50gr (100gr.) pellets, 250 Barnes Expander MZ.
  6. prhunter

    Wyoming Draw question

    Does Wyoming only consider the first two choices like Arizona does or are all three choices looked at like New Mexico does? Thank you in advance
  7. prhunter

    2019 NM Mule Deer hunt

    Just returned from my NM desert mule deer hunt. Although no buck was harvested during this hunt it was still a great time and plenty of animals were spotted to include Barbary sheep and pronghorn. Here are some pics.
  8. prhunter

    First Colorado Mule Deer

    Hello all. Just returned from my Colorado mule deer hunt. Ended up harvesting this 2x3 buck on day two of the hunt. My buddy had picked up a OTC bull tag so the rest of the time was dedicated to elk. Glassed up a herd but the bulls in it were all spikes. Overall, great time, beautiful country...
  9. prhunter

    RCBS Metallic Reloading Intro Kit?

    Does anyone have any reviews in this item? What does the "Metallic" stand for? I'm new to reloading. Thanks in advance.
  10. prhunter

    CO 68/681 Deer

    So I was fortunate enough to draw a second season deer tag in unit 68/681. Any tips or general info would be greatly appreciated. The possibility of purchasing an OTC elk tag is also there. Thank you all in advance.
  11. prhunter

    Colorado Results

    Will Colorado release their draw results early like New Mexico did???
  12. prhunter

    Rem 742

    Hello all, I recently acquired an used Rem 742 in 30-06. According to the serial# it was manufactured in 1979. Took it out to the range the other day and it worked just fine. What can anyone tell me about this firearm. Thanks in advance.
  13. prhunter

    SE CO Upland game

    Now that I have an annual nonresident CO small game license I may take a weekend or two and try some upland game hunting up there. I was thinking quail and pheasant mostly. Looking at the southeast part of the state. I know there are some walk-in areas that may hold the type of game I am...
  14. prhunter

    Colorado Deer 54 or 68

    I have decided to burn some CO deer points in 2019. I have 3 points and wanted to get some input from the CO members or others who have hunted either unit 54 or 68/681 during the second season. If you have information you could/would share, please feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  15. prhunter

    2019 AZ javelina

    Taking off this morning to AZ in search of javelina. Season started yesterday but the winter storm held me back for a day. Full report upon return.
  16. prhunter

    NM Regs

    The NM regs are out. Lots of new stuff this year. Good luck to those who will be applying.
  17. prhunter

    Game Cart?

    Who around here uses a game cart to haul deer and/or equipment? Considering one for this fall. Would like to know pros vs cons. Thanks
  18. prhunter

    2019 Colorado Deer

    Situation: I currently have three points for deer in Colorado. I would like to cash those point and hunt. I am considering the southwestern units (74, 75, 77, 78). These units appear to have good deer numbers and decent success rates. Any thoughts on the units I mentioned above and what season...
  19. prhunter

    2018 AZ coues deer

    Just returned from our 2018 AZ Coues deer hunt. Had a great time and as a plus we were able to fill all three of our deer tags. My deer was glassed up a 1/2 mile away. Closed distance and got just under 200 yds when we glassed him up again. The rest is history. One shot and he ended up in the...
  20. prhunter

    Leaving tomorrow...

    SUCCESS!!! Leaving tomorrow... Leaving tomorrow for some coues deer action. Full report upon return. Good luck to all!